SOP SOC Stories

We would love to hear about... and share with others... your "SOP SOC Story." Tell us how wearing God's word, on your feet, has impacted you!  I can testify, that as I worked many long hours to get SOP SOC off the ground, wearing "I can do all things through CHRIST" gave me encouragement to keep pressing forward!

You can submit your stories through the Contact Us page or by emailing us at  We also welcome pictures and videos.


"When I got my SOP SOCs, it was right before my baby had another catheter procedure to relieve pressure in her heart.  I wore my SOP SOCs at the hospital, and it felt like a little secret I had... like no one knew how much I was depending on God and that I was literally walking on his words that gave me strength.  These would be great gifts for those going through the challenges of life."