Frequently Asked Questions

1.  So... what does SOP SOC mean?

SOP stands for "Standing On the Promises."  SOC stands for...  yep, sock!


2.  Where can I buy SOP SOCs?

At this time, you can only buy SOP SOCs at our online store.


3.  Can I suggest other verses I would like to see on SOP SOCs?

Absolutely!  Send your suggestions through our Contact Us page or by emailing


4.  Can SOP SOC make custom socks for schools, churches, etc?

Perhaps!  We have to meet MOQs (minimum order quantities) with our manufacturer.  Reach out via the Contact Us page or  We will see what we can do!


5.  Do you offer bulk order discounts?

Again, reach out via the Contact Us page or  Tell us how many pairs you are considering ordering.  We will try our best to make a deal that is beneficial for both of us.


6.  Can I have my order shipped straight to someone else as a gift?

Yes!  We will "wrap" your socks in a customized SOP SOC poly mailer and include a customized SOP SOC card with a hand written message of your choice.  (You will be able to submit your message upon checkout.  Click "Add a note to your order.") So easy!