What's SOP?

So glad you asked.....

When one chapter of my life closed, I began praying and asking the Lord to show me where the next chapter of my life would lead.  Sadly, as has become way too common in the news, another random act of violence had occurred.  My heart felt very heavy, and God reminded me that we have nothing better to stand on than His word.  God very quickly put the name SOP SOC and the idea of physically Standing On the Promises of God in my heart and mind.  I wish I could tell you that God quickly and neatly got me to the point where I am today, but that would not be the truth.  There were many struggles along the way and many attacks from Satan to attempt to thwart God's plan.  God taught me so much along the way.  As I wore my SOP SOCs that said, "I can do all things through CHRIST," He reminded me it was His power in me that made all this possible.  He always gives us the power and strength to accomplish what He has called us to do, and His plans are never thwarted.  My prayer is that you find power... encouragement... strength... wisdom... guidance... hope... peace... comfort...  just what you need to face the day by standing on the promises with God's word wrapped around your feet!  I have prayed over your socks! We can stand on the promise found in Isa. 55:11...  His word never returns void.  Go forth in power, my friend!